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    Simple French style, easy to lazy and elegant and romantic

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    For a long time, "French women" is a magical existence, "French fashion" sounds like a lazy and elegant romantic feeling, let's see how they match.
    Polka dot shirt
    The polka-dot shirts that have been popular all the time will not be outdated. The literary and elegant polka-dot shirts, together with the dangling texture and the faintly exquisite details, are the best interpretation of the romantic French style.
    Striped shirt
    Striped shirts used to be navy casual uniforms, also known as sea soul shirts, and later became popular items on the fashion stage. It's a good idea to create a French style with such a historical tone.
    Simple knitwear is the choice of French women's seasons, and the characteristics of skin-tight skin can best set off a woman's body curve. If you want to add extra points to the details, you can choose a knit sweater with rich texture, so that the femininity will be more intense.
    Retro shirt
    The vintage shirt includes a collection of classic elements such as puff sleeves and square collars. This classic style is what the French fashion girl pursues.
    White shirt        
    The white shirt is pure and beautiful, and it is one of the must-have items to create a French style. Its combination with white and black wide-leg pants seems to be innately coordinated, not only neutral, but also show the spirit, skill and neatness.
    White T-shirt + jeans
    This is the simplest combination, which reflects the simplest, casual, lazy French style. If you want to reflect different collocation concepts, you can choose retro flared pants, or a small silk scarf is enough.
    Polka dot floral dress
    It should be noted here that the embellishment of the polka dots and the florals is as delicate as possible. This is what the French style pursues. The so-called "small but fine" is the fashionable attitude of life.
    Silk suspender skirt
    A silky suspender skirt exudes a sense of laziness. This feeling always reminds us of the sexy French woman in the impression. It can be said to be an indispensable item for creating a French style.
    Vichy pattern
    The Vichy pattern originated in France. This grid is superimposed with the same color and thickness of the horizontal and vertical stripes to form a square. It is filled with a lively and bright girly style and full of French style.


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